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Trip to the Feed ‘n’ Seed


Today I had to go to the big city because it’s time for the dogs’ vet visits. Annabelle (on the left) is having her hips “certified,” which is a several-hour ordeal. So while the dogs are spending the day at the vet, I got to hang out at quite possibly the biggest Feed and Seed store ever. Ever.

This is the Feed and Seed:


This feed store is giant, well-stocked, the plants are beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the prices are fair. But my favorite thing about it is that it is located in an old movie theater building in Jefferson.

They had some beautiful camellias. Camellias always remind me of my Great, Great Aunt Nan. Nan always had beautiful camellias growing in her yard. I don’t remember ever leaving her house without my mom having a bouquet of them, the stems wrapped up in wet paper towels and a Ziploc bag. It seemed like were always in bloom, and to my five year old’s size, they were massive trees. Nan was always graceful, poised, strong, and beautifully old fashioned. Nan and camellias are one in the same.Image

Someday, I’ll try my hand at camellias, too. But for today, I just picked up a few supplies. A few packs of Save-a-Chick Electrolyte and Vitamin Mix (just in case the girls ever don’t look too good), a couple of rawhides for the dogs, some organic sunflower, okra, and cucumber seeds, 50 pounds of laying chicken feed, and three and a half pounds of whole kernel corn.Image

Because what six year old girl didn’t dream of scattering corn to hens like Belle in Beauty and the Beast?


Sadly, I didn’t acquire any new animals today, though these little guys sorely tempted me.


So did Rolf, the border terrier mix up for adoption. Maybe next time.

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