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Spring Fever… in January

Here’s to a little spring fever in January. It’s about time to start thinking about spring planting anyways, at least down here in the south. So here is a bit of a throwback to last summer’s garden…

Last spring I made some garden boxes. These were the first things that I “built.” They are very simple and straightforward, just some 2×12’s cut into 4 foot lengths. I used untreated wood because growing things with treated or chemical-ly wood gives me the heebie jeebies.


I positioned them in the sun and filled them up with non-chemical-ly soil and some mulch and planted some seeds. After a few weeks, little shoots started sprouting…


After a month or so, we got quite the jungle of veggies growing.


These were the things we grew last year: cucumbers, squash, blackberries, okra, and jalapenos. I planted some tomato plants too, and they grew quite high and strong but never actually fruited. I wonder if there wasn’t something wrong with the seeds I got?




I learned quite a few lessons about vine borers with the squash and getting good seeds and not planting things too close together. This year I think I’ll focus on the cucumbers, okra, and tomatoes. Hopefully, I’ll have a little more luck with the tomatoes. The okra and cucumbers will be good for canning.

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