When we first built the coop, Yukon teased me that GH & E were never going to lay enough eggs for us to come out even on our investment. Okay, okay, he still teases me that we won’t. I hate to admit it, but he might be right. But maybe, if we’re still using the same coop, we might break even with our next set of hens.

If you’re thinking about investing in some hens, here’s the initial cost breakdown for us:

  • Cost to build the coop: $350.00
  • Cost of two pullets: $28.00
  • Cost of 50lbs of laying feed: $18.00
  • Cost of wood shavings per bag: $14.00

Total cost so far: $410.00

Number of eggs laid so far: 29

Cost of free range eggs per dozen: $5.00

Total value of eggs laid: $12.00

So, as you can see, we still have $398.00 to recoup. But after you take into account that we have to keep purchasing feed and wood shavings, that number will go up.


Collecting eggs each morning from your backyard: priceless.

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