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Garden Inspiration: Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

A few months ago, I visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, which is still beautifully maintained (of course). The gardens, crops, flowers, everything are just spectacular. The techniques he employed and the modifications he made to his estate were ahead of his time. (For example, all of the water that ran off of his roof, verandas, decks, etc. was gathered through an intricate system of gutters and flow units into large underground cisterns. Incredible).

Here’s a photo tour of my visit and my top 5 inspirations I drew from Monticello.

1. Neat rows of vegetables.



2. Artistic wooden trellises.

IMG_4035        IMG_4156



3. Flowers everywhere.




4. Cozy nooks and potted plants.



5. Innovative agricultural modifications.


Part of TJ’s intricate system of gutters to collect every drop of rain water. See how the water percolates through the gaps in the floor boards, is collected in the troughs underneath the deck floors, and then flows down to the gutters, which takes the water through a system of ducts to a subterranean cistern.

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