Resources for New Hen Keepers

Resources for Hen Owners

Hi there,

I’m not exactly an old hand at hen keeping… yet. So I still use a lot of resources to find out about my hens – from what type of hen to buy to what to do if they’re looking dehydrated. If you’re new to the hen game and need some advice, check out the links below. They are great resources where you can get a lot of information and get your questions answered. Feel free to post additional resources and suggestions in the comments section, and I’ll update this page to show them! 🙂

1. www.BackyardChickens.com

This is a website famous amongst small chicken farmers. The people who blog and post on this website are extremely helpful in answering your chicken questions. It’s also a great resource if you want to look at different types of coops (they even have them sorted by size). Check out different breeds too.

2. Facebook

Surprisingly, Facebook is a way for chicken and poultry keepers to mobilize. There are probably between five and ten groups within a hundred mile radius of me who meet regularly for “poultry swaps.” And guess what? They’re all on Facebook! They people who are in these groups are super helpful when I’m having a chicken “emergency” or have questions about breeds, worming, laying lice, heat lamps, etc. They’re more than happy to answer questions. Also, if you’re looking for a specific breed, you can post what you’re seeking, and sometimes people in your area will have them. (I found both of my hens locally through Facebook. They were 6 month old pullets. I would have paid probably $100+ for both of them with shipping if I had ordered pullets through a small chicken farm, but instead I paid $28.)

3. Chickens Chickens Magazine

I like this because it’s something nice to be able to read through, and it changes every month with different coops, breeds, advice, etc.

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