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Canino’s Farmers Market

This weekend, I left GH&E and Boomer in the care of one of my brothers, and took a little two-and-a-half day holiday to Houston. I was pretty excited about being able to deliver a half dozen of GH’s farm-fresh eggs to a friend of mine. Hopefully in a few months I will be able to deliver some home grown veggies to my three favorite neighbors. More on them later.


On Sunday morning, I went to the Canino Market in central (ish?) Houston. The front of the market is just an ordinary farmers market, but they will crack your pecans for you which is pretty cool.


The real treat is the back of the market… giant mangos, peeled and speared with sticks to eat them like lollipops, bags of coconut milk with straws stuck in them, avocados 2 for a dollar, cucumbers, peppers, giant tubs full of spices and beans and dried flowers. Even herbs mixtures to make concoctions for desiro sexual y ovarios infermos.


If you’ve got a farmers market in your town, even if it’s a small one (like the one in my town), take a trip there and pick up some fresh produce. You’ll be supporting your local growers and you’ll probably save some money too.

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