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Easy DIY Canning Shelf Plans

canning shelf1

I am so, so, so excited about my first canning experience. Yukon Cornelius gave me a canner for my birthday back in November, and I have been frantic to use it, but we haven’t had time. But this weekend, we are planning to can for the first time!

In preparation for our first cans of strawberry jam, pickled okra, pickles with dill, and other preserved delicacies, I want to build a canning shelf, on which we can store all of our jars.

Here are the requisites for my canning shelf. I want it to fit over my microwave to utilize some empty wall and nook space in the kitchen. That means it’ll have to be over 26″ wide, and the first shelf will need to be no less than 14″ from the bottom. I like a little wiggle room, so I’m going to make it 30″ wide and 18″ between the bottom and the first shelf.

The Kerr pint-sized mason jars that I have are 5.3″ tall and 3.2″ wide. Ball mason jars are 5.2″ x 3.2.” So a 12″ wide shelf should fit quite a few mason jars. Make that 7″ tall, and you should have plenty of room to fit your jars! Now, if you’d like some shelves to fit a quart sized mason jar, you need to plan for something more like 8.” So let’s make one shelf for the pint sized ones and two slightly larger shelves for the quart sized jars and other large object storage.

Access the PDF plans here: Easy DIY Canning Jar Shelf

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