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Packages in the mail

Today I got a little package in the mail. In the box, there was a smaller box. The Add-a-Motor automatic coop door motor box.


And in the box, are all of the parts to automate an up/down sliding coop door.


But since I have swinging doors on my coop, I’m going to need to make a few small modifications… a.k.a. add a coop door here:


(Georgina Henrietta was very curious about what I was doing, prowling around in the back of the coop.)


First things first, gotta cut a hole, and then frame the hole for this sliding door:


Tonight, I cut the wood to frame the hole. Tomorrow, I will cut the square hole, making sure it is slightly smaller than the door itself so that the door doesn’t get stuck in the hole.

Then, I’ll frame the hole with 1″x2″s overlain by 3″-wide plywood strips. This will make the pocket for the sliding door.


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