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How to add a sliding door to your coop

Yesterday, I got my Add-a-Motor electric door motor in the mail. Just one small problem, the Add-a-Motor system only works with sliding coop doors, and I have a swinging door. So I had to add a sliding door onto the back of my coop door.

First things first, I had to cut a small, square (ish) hole in the back wall of my coop that is a little bit smaller than my 10″x11″ plywood coop door. Cutting a square with a jigsaw is no easy feat, but this is square enough since I’ll be covering it up with a wooden frame in a few minutes…


Next step, frame the bottom and sides of the square with 1″x2″s:


Next I placed 3″-wide strips of plywood over these to create the “pocket” for the door to slide up and down in.


The last thing I did was add some horizontal 1″x2″x to “fortify” my door and make it less accessible to critters and other things. It also made it look much neater and sturdier.


The last thing I’ll do is sand it down smooth and paint it white or red to match the rest of the coop. It took me less than 2 hours to add the door, and I used all scrap wood.

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