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Little Farm at the Rodeo

This past weekend, we took The Nieces to the rodeo over in Houston, where a good time was had by all. Sadly, I didn’t get any photos of my favorite event – the Mutton Bustin’ – in which kiddos do the rodeoing, riding around and wrangling little sheep. It’s about the funniest, cutest thing ya ever saw.

But I still got some little-farm-ish photos to share. First, we went over to the pettin’ zoo, where they had all manner of barnyard animals… and a few kangaroos, which strictly speaking don’t belong in the barn, at least not in this country. 🙂




Then we went over to look at the livestock. Don’t have too many pictures of those since by that time, I was toting one of The Nieces, my purse, her backpack, and two bags of carnival goodies. But we did (of course) make a stop off at the baby chicks. Those were a big hit with the younger niece.



By the way – did you know what chickens are attracted to the color red? That’s why their food/water bowls are usually the color red. Also, they like shiny things, which is why sometimes they are shiny metal pails.

After we spent oh about an eternity looking at the baby chicks, we went and planted some sunflower seeds.


(Little girls hands don’t stay still for long, especially not when you feed them chocolate for breakfast.)

All-in-all, a good day at the rodeo. And I got to ponder my livestock wish list. Still first on the list: an alpaca.


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