An old fashioned Easter celebration

Today, we had a modest, home grown Easter celebration under the oaks. We dragged the old kitchen table and chairs outside and had ourselves was a quintessential Louisiana afternoon. The day was sunny and beautiful, uncharacteristically cool for this late in March. The breeze picked up mid-afternoon, and hens clucked around the yard while we ate our Easter dinner – flank steak cooked on an open fire, salad garnished with the early tomatoes, black beans and brown rice and Louisiana strawberries on shortcake for dessert. The table was decorated with an old cement bunny that my mom has had since I was a little girl, flowers picked fresh from the yard and cuttings I took from my dad’s citrus trees to propagate at my “little farm.” We had some cheeses and other little snacks served on a pecan cutting board that my dad made from a tree felled by Katrina. We were still sitting under the trees when the first rain drops started to sprinkle, and we rushed everything in the house just before the skies opened up for an afternoon spring shower.

Spring Table Outside

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