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Prepping garden beds

I built my 5’x5′ very easy garden boxes a few weeks ago. At 1′ tall, they are a pretty big space upgrade from my 4’x4’x8″ boxes from last year. Today, I finally got around to filling them up with soil. Some of the soil I took from my old boxes and a huge pile of it in my yard and then filled it in with some cheap topsoil I got at Home Depot today. Then I added a few key ingredients to beef it up a bit. When I tested my soil a few months ago, I found out that I had a serious lack of nitrogen in my soil. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy fix with some organic blood meal ($7/bag) that covers about twice the area that my garden boxes cover (75 sq ft).


Today, GH&E’s coop got a good clean out and air out. I took the two weeks worth of wood shavings and chicken poop and sprinkled it in the garden boxes before I added the top soil.


I also threw in some compost scraps – eggshells, banana peels, satsuma peels, that sort of thing. It sure was stinky before I covered it all with a layer of top soil.

Lastly, between my boxes I am added a row of bricks to prevent weeds from coming up, and make it easy to walk between the boxes. I’m not mortaring them in place – just wedging them between the boxes.


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