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Spring planting

I am filthy. I have dirt everywhere… nails, arms, legs, shoes… I’m pretty sure there is dirt in my ears. But the seedlings are in the ground! I confess, I didn’t just plant my seedlings. I cheated – I picked up a few started plants at a local nursery and my dad gave me a few squash plants and a tomato plant from his greenhouse yesterday. So those went into the ground today too!

My seedlings:



And a few cheating plants…



Then I did a little companion planting in the ground:

  • Tomatoes with pepper plants
  • Marigolds interspersed with tomatoes
  • Dill and cucumber
  • Cucumber and green beans
  • Green beans and rosemary
  • Green beans and onions

It took a little while longer than just sticking things in the ground (which is what I usually do), but maybe it’ll make for some healthier plants.


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