Chickens and stress

I think poor Georgina Henrietta has a little PTSD. Last week, she and Boomer (the dog) got into a bit of a skirmish. Last Sunday, GH and I were sitting on the swing, and Boomer ran up to the swing, looking for some attention. Unintentionally, Boomer backed GH into the swing seat. Feeling trapped, she flew out at him, puffed up her feathers, and backed him into the coop. Startled, Boomer lashed out at her, but neither one of them suffered any bodily injury (I’m not even sure if they really touched each other). I put myself in between GH & Boomer, and shooed GH away. As Boomer and I were walking into the house, GH ran at him again, puffing her feathers up and generally being aggressive. I shooed her off again and put Boomer in the house. Yesterday, over a week later, GH did the same thing, charging Boomer and backing him into a corner.

I haven’t gotten an egg from GH since the day of the skirmish. So I think she has a little PTSD. Her appetite is normal; she hasn’t lost any weight; normal poop and that kind of thing; good weather; lots of sun; plenty of feed and clean water. But hens are very sensitive to stresses – moving, big changes, adding chickens, etc… so I’ll give it a few more days, and hopefully she’ll pick up laying again (as long as I keep Boomer good and far away from her).


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