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Six Kitchen Scraps You Can Plant

Six Kitchen Scraps You Can Plant
Six Kitchen Scraps You Can Plant

Did you know there are lots of kitchen scraps you can plant in your garden that will propagate? Here are a couple!

  1. Potatoes. You can grow seed potatoes in sacks and trash bags.
  2. Green onions. Put the green onions in a cup of water after you’ve cut them down, and they’ll start to send up new shoots. Stick the roots in the ground, and your green onions will start growing. Update (3/31/2014): I did this about a year ago, and mine are still growing strong. I cut them back every time I need some onion, and the base of their stalks is now about as thick as a leek!
  3. Ginger. Plant your unused ginger scraps in your garden. They’ll start growing, and you can pull up the plant once a year to harvest the root. Once you’ve harvested them, stick the remaining root back in the ground, and they’ll start growing again. Plus, they’re nice to look at. Read more here.
  4. Pineapple. Pineapple is a little more difficult and takes a bit longer to get fruit, but you can plant the heads of pineapple, and they will start growing.
  5. Garlic. Plant the garlic bulb, root side down.
  6. Celery. Chop off the celery stalks from the bottom part, and place the bottom stalk flower in soil and cover.

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