Dawn dishwashing detergent kills fleas?!

Today, I went to visit my parents and some old, old friends of our family’s: Mrs. Diane and Mr. Jay. We spent a lovely day – good company, good food, good weather. It was a beautiful day for an outside lunch, an open porch door, and (of course) a little egg collecting. I am a tad less cautious about washing every single one of my eggs unless they have a little gradieu on the shell, and besides, they all get cooked before we eat them. But, as Mrs. Diane pointed out, we do still have to crack them. No sense risking that nasty salmonella. We all stood around my parents’ big farmhouse sink, delicately washing a dozen or so eggs that ranged in color from faint pink to bronzy brown. We washed little Lucille’s tiny, pale brown egg and bossy Gertrude’s considerably larger and darker egg. We held the eggs in our hands, ran them under the water and squeezed a bit of Dawn soap on them and rolled them around in our hands until they were pristine. As we were gingerly setting them in a towel-lined tupperware, Mrs. Diane and Mr. Jay casually mentioned that Dawn kills fleas on contact. Their vet told them that washing their sweet dog Anna with a little Dawn would kill all the fleas on her.

Tonight, Boomer, who has been having a little issue with fleas himself lately, got a shower a la Dawn. And I have to admit, I could see the fleas dying on him almost instantaneously. If it seems like the Dawn is drying out your pup’s skin, I read you can rub a tablespoon of olive oil on his or her coat to remediate this (just watch him or her or 20 or so minutes afterwards to make sure the olive oil isn’t getting licked off). Every once in a while, Boomer is definitely getting a Dawn bath to keep the little buggers under control.


Can you believed this little guy posed in the shower?! Got some extra treats for that one! And then proceeded to rebathe himself…




Little ham sure was glad to be done with his Dawn shower. But no scratching since!

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