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Planting tomato plants

I recently learned a lesson in transplanting tomato plants, so I thought I’d share it here. I had been transplanting tomato seedlings very shallow in the soil, and have been becoming increasingly frustrated with my failing tomato bushes. Well, turns out, tomatoes aren’t meant to be transplanted shallow in the soil. You’re supposed to bury them fairly deep (all the way up to the first branch of leaves – even further; it’s actually okay to bury the first set of leaves). The tomato plant will develop roots all along the stem of the plant, and planting the stem a little deeper will allow the bush to develop a stronger root system, making the overall plant healthier.

tomato new roots-01


You can also plant the bush horizontally in the ground, gently curving the stem upwards (Google Image: horizontal tomato planting for some diagrams). This will also help it to develop strong root systems.

tomato bury up to first leaves-01


Hopefully my new tomato transplants will fare better. Do you have tips for tomato gardening? Please share them below! I’d love to get some more advice… maybe this year’s tomatoes won’t fail to bear fruit! 🙂

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