DIY Sunglasses & Glasses Holder

DIY Sunglasses & Glasses Holder-01

My glasses and sunglasses have been driving me a little nuts for the past few weeks. They are everywhere, and yet I can never find them when I need them. I’ve been looking for a sunglasses holder for a few weeks and couldn’t find one, so I made one for free using an old picture frame without the glass, some scrap fabric and a hot glue gun.

Here’s the DIY:

1. Start by “hemming” your fabric with the hot glue on three sides: the top, left and right sides of the fabric.


Use the picture frame backboard as a template to hem the fabric to the correct width.IMG_7016

2. After you’ve finished faux-hemming, you’re going to start gluing the fabric to the board. Start at the top and glue the first strip of fabric straight to the board.


You’re going to glue the next two strips onto the board on the left, right, and bottom edges only. They’ll be like little pockets on the board. Do the middle section next and then the bottom section last.




3. Once you’ve got your pockets glued down, reframe the board.




A few useful hints and tips:

*If you’re planning on hanging your frame, make sure you place the fabric going “up” the frame backing so that your hooks hang your pockets right-side-up.

IMG_7036 copy

*If you’re board is a little too large to fit in the frame after adding the fabric to it, carefully shave off a bit using a blade.


One thought on “DIY Sunglasses & Glasses Holder

  1. Another way is you can cut a bit of cardboard from a cereal box and use that to glue the fabric. That way, you can switch frames if you want and can re-use the old one!

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