Crawfish heads for hens



The ladies are currently enjoying some crawfish shells and a few whole ones that got spilled on the ground during a crawfish boil at my house the other day. Their particular favorite: the corn cooked in cayenne pepper and other delicious spices and crab boil mix. Cayenne pepper is supposedly good for chickens because (like apple cider vinegar) it’s thought to create a hostile environment for worms without harming the chickens. Apparently, chickens can’t taste the cayenne, and (from what I’ve read) the cayenne doesn’t have an adverse effect on their digestive systems. But it is good for deworming them. Also: the shells are like pebbles, stones, crushed oyster shells and other things that help clear out chickens crops (part of their throats). Making sure chickens get enough of these things to prevent sour crop!

2 thoughts on “Crawfish heads for hens

  1. We have exotic birds who ofcourse-have to have exotic bird food. There are peppers in the mix. I always save the leftovers for our chickens to avoid worms. They fight over the peppers when I put then out.

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