Welcome to the brood

Welcome to the brood!

Happy day! We are hen keepers again. Introducing Hermione, Hildegarde (Hildy, for short), and Laser. We’ve got a mystery mix (Hermione), a silver laced Wyandotte (Hildegarde), and a Welsummer (little Laser). And egg watch 2013 has begun! Each one is already displaying her quirks and personality. Hildy is the boss (hence the strong German name). Hermione is the sweety (maybe some kind of Orpington mix?). And little Laser is not quite all there, and she’s a bit narcoleptic. She walks around the yard, pauses, stands still, and her eyes close for a few minutes.

Narcoleptic Laser

The three are getting to know each other. Laser is a bit of a loner still. Hildegarde has been showing her and Hermione who’s boss, though.

Hildegarde (left) and Sweet Hermione (right)
Hildegarde (left) and Sweet Hermione (right)

And a little preview of the (nearly finished) coop, which I’ll be sharing later this week…

The new A-frame hen house.

It’s a little strange to be writing a hen post about chickens that aren’t GH & E. I still miss those little dears, especially sweet Georgina Henrietta. But the new girls will grow on us in time, and hopefully gain some affection. Our wonderful feed and seed doesn’t regularly carry Buff Orpingtons, so we’re still keeping an eye out for one of them.

More on the coop soon!

Happy egg gathering,


One thought on “Welcome to the brood

  1. So happy for you. Love the coop. Can’t wait to show the boys the pictures. It always brings smiles to their faces.

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