Update on the garden boxes

Adding nutrients to our garden

A little over a month ago, I blogged some elevated garden box plans here. It was really rewarding to hear some input from folks who think that garden boxes like these will allow them to continue to garden when circumstances have made it difficult. I think these little boxes (which were easy to build and affordable) are great options for people in rental properties who don’t want to risk destroying their grass and for people who maybe find the elevation of the boxes easier to garden with after accidents or with arthritis. In the past month, YC and I have been experimenting with our three little boxes, and we’ve come up with a few pointers for these unique guys.

1. Since they’re raised, they drain water and nutrients from the soil fairly quickly (much more quickly than a regular raised bed that sits directly on the ground. We found that ours needed to get a little more water than my regular raised veggie boxes.

MicroLite Organic Fertilizer

2. Since we built them up and then dumped bagged soil directly into them, they were lacking in any kind of worm or nematode, so those had to be added along with some organic fertilizer to facilitate the development of good soil bugs. We found MicroLife (which we picked up at the local feed and seed) worked really well.

3. This may because we planted so late, but our seedlings had a hard time taking off, and we were especially having problems with bugs and mold on the leaves. With the above nutrients and a little bit of regular organic milk mixed in with their water, that problem seems to be fairly under control.

4. Lastly, we tested our soil to make sure that we didn’t have any deficiencies and found that our nitrogen was a little low.

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