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Spring Inspiration

Today was the kind of day that made me want to start a gardening blog. And then I remembered… I already have a gardening blog! After a winter hiatus from gardening (and blogging), I’m getting back into the swing of things. Seeds went into the ground last week, and the chickens they are a-laying. Gardening and yard work all but ceased this past winter as thesis priorities took over. (Thank goodness the grass doesn’t grow in winter.) Thesis priorities are still in full gear, but a little garden therapy every once in a while can go a long way towards productivity.

Last year around this time, I was really into companion planting. This year, seeds just went pell-mell into the garden with no rhyme or reason to it. Also… no garden labels. So that will be a fun surprise guessing which plants are coming in before they fruit, especially the vine-y ones.

Early spring garden boxes
Early spring garden boxes
Lettuce planter

The garden boxes aren’t much to look at yet. The only things that survived our unusually cold winter down here were the herbs and a few flowers. The grocery store green onions that I planted last spring are still going strong. The stalks are about an inch and a half thick at the base now. The lettuce didn’t come from seeds, but from my new favorite local nursery – Garden District Nursery. Lettuce seedlings weren’t the only thing that came from the nursery. I couldn’t resist the spring colors for a few planting pots, which are great for creating little garden vignettes.

Monochrome garden vignette
Blues and greys with Dusty Miller
Spring colors
A large pot with a colorful bouquet covers a bare spot in the grass where the hens like the “dust” themselves.

What is your spring inspiration this year?

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