House and Home and Blog Changes

Boy, what a busy couple of months! Graduating, moving, house buying, house renovating, career starting, marriage!

After much debate, I decided last summer that Gidget, Ducky, and Antoinette should go live in the country. Seven chickens between YC and I really is quite a lot for a modest yard in the city. It just so happened that my best friend’s aunt and her family were wanting to adopt some hens, and I’m happy to report that all three girls are thriving in the countryside. Their son is a true chicken whisperer and a kindred spirit when it comes to chicken keeping. And, to brag on him a little, he entered Gidget into the Parish Fair, and she won the first place prize! They are in a good place there, and I think much happier than they would have been with four other hens in a city yard.

Meanwhile, YC’s hens, Hildegarde, Shasta, Hermione, and Eleanor, are still with us, but newly moved to our (and their) new digs along with the pups, Darcy and Boomer, and the cat, Alfie. It is a full house and a full yard.

Speaking of houses and yards and new digs, the blog is going to go through some renovations as well. In addition to the usual recipes, chicken happenings, and gardening goings on, I will also write about some of our house projects, which range from kitchen renovations to closet renovations and everything in between. AND there’s a whole new backyard to play with, a whole new garden to put in this spring, the promise of a beehive, and the newly built coop.

After nearly six months of renovations, we are – finally – living in our home. We can do dishes in the kitchen and not in the bathroom. We can wash clothes here. And we can cook, as long as it involves a toaster oven and/or a CrockPot. There have been dings and dents in the walls, corroded pipes, smelly sheet rock, and ungrounded wiring (though I’m still not exactly sure what that means) in what we affectionately call The Project House. We’re learning a lot and hope to contribute some of that learning to the internet world (maybe others can learn from our mistakes! :).

Hope you’ll stick around and check back in at the Little Farm and now also the Little House blog.


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