DIY rustic hors d’oevres labels

Rustic DIY cheese labels
Rustic DIY cheese labels

I made these rustic hors d’oevres labels last summer in prep for YC and my wedding, and when the day finally I arrived, I completely forgot to use them. Still, I thought they were pretty (and very budget friendly), so here they are on the blog!

To make them, I used natural things I had around the yard (Spanish moss and sticks) and various craft supplies:

  • Some paper tags from the craft store
  • Mini plant pots
  • Cream paint and a natural sponge
  • Crayola Magic Clay

I started by rough-painting the little pots cream (think distressed). After they finished drying, I filled them about halfway with Magic Clay and stuck twigs in them. The little tags I actually mounted to paper and ran through my printer using some fun fonts that went with our rustic theme, and then hot glued them onto the twigs. The last step was the stuff the Spanish moss around the top of the pots to hide the Magic Clay. (A quick note on the Spanish moss… I was a little worried about putting it in the vicinity of food, so I first sealed it in a plastic baggie for a few months to kill everything that could be growing in it. Another option might be to spray with a diluted bleach or vinegar spray.)

Happy crafting!




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