Baby’s Breath Rustic Wedding Flowers

Baby's breath makes beautiful decorations for a rustic wedding.
Baby’s breath makes beautiful decorations for a rustic wedding.

YC and I are so lucky that we had incredibly loving, creative, talented, supportive people surround us on our wedding day. We wanted a DIY wedding from start to finish, and that’s pretty much what we had. YC’s sister and my aunt took beautiful photos, my mom and I designed the decor (with plenty of feedback and help from YC, my dad, aunt, family friends, and YC’s family), YC plumbed the bar, my dad built our dance floor, our siblings gave readings, Mrs. Sandra made all of the appetizers, my uncles did the video taping and orchestrated the lights, my brothers did the ceremony music and officiating, and those are just some of the people who were involved. It was a family gathering all around. I wanted to share just one small aspect of the day on here, and that is the flowers, which came together as a result of several people and which were done on a shoestring flower budget.

My mom ordered 3 large boxes of baby’s breath from Costco online. The day before the wedding, my best friend, Nadia, and I bunched some of them into big, wild bunches for each of the 6 bridesmaids (for those who might try to calculate how much they need from this: we used less than a box for the 6 large bouquets). My aunt helped us use the remaining 2+ boxes to decorate everywhere – baskets, vases, mason jars for the tables, barrels, antique egg baskets – we filled everything with baby’s breath. My cousin and Nadia wrapped them delicately in the chuppah that my parents and Mrs. Sandra built for us. It looked beautiful, and I never would have thought such a modest flower budget could go so far. Here are a few of our ideas.

I think one of the reasons it looked so beautiful was the sheer abundance of it. Everywhere we turned, there were little white flowers. They also stayed fresh for days, even out of water. We didn’t put them in water at all, except to keep the bouquets fresh overnight for the bridesmaids. It took us 2-3 hours with ~4 of us working to do all of the bouquets, the chuppah, the center pieces for the tables, and fill every remaining basket and bucket we could find.

DIY baby's breath bridesmaid bouquets
DIY Baby’s Breath Bridesmaid Bouquets

Another note about our DIY flowers… designing the flowers and table arrangements with my mom, wrapping bouquets with my “best woman,” having flowers intertwined in a chuppah by her and me sweet cousin, and filling baskets with my aunt – these are all experiences and memories of our wedding that are so treasured.

Baby's Breath for Rustic Wedding
Baby’s Breath for Rustic Wedding

We used them in fall with old barrels, galvanized tubs, and big bales of hay, but you can match baby’s breath with any season. In the spring, they could be paired with any pastel or white vase or mason jar. In summer, they can be paired with any bright or summery color. For winter, warm and rich colors would work great – deep reds for December. They’re a very versatile and affordable little flower.

Hope you enjoy our flower photos and find them inspiring for your own flower arranging.


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