Our farmhouse kitchen island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Farmhouse Kitchen Island

YC and I got recently reached a milestone in house renovations – we got just enough done to live in the house with a fair amount of ease and comfort. Dishwasher, kitchen sink, refrigerator, countertops, washer and dryer, working toilet… those kinds of things. Even a TV with bookshelves and a couch. The result was that we were completely unmotivated to do anything on the house for weeks – despite the massive number of projects still awaiting us both in and outside the house. In an attempt to inspire ourselves back into working, we tackled a fairly easy but rewarding project this past week – finishing up the kitchen island.

The front of the island, which is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, has looked like this for months. Hot pink 2x4s and dilapidated sheetrock. Nice.

Kitchen Island - Before
Kitchen Island – Before

On Tuesday, when I got home from work, I couldn’t look at the semi-sheetrock anymore. Plus, I had been itching to work on it since we got home on Sunday with old, patina’d wood that my parents generously donated to The House Cause. By the time YC got home, it was looking much better, but slightly incomplete:

beforeWhich meant that we really had no choice but to finish it out… Starting with shimming the countertops so that they are now resting on something, which gives them greater support.

Countertop shims
Countertop shims

Working row by row from the bottom, we piecemealed the front wall of the peninsula together, using the old wood that my parents gave us. Using were going for a subtle way to add character into a house that has had a lot of new things added, particularly in the kitchen. The old wood is cedar, some painted, some not, a few old nail holes, but still solid, straight wood. The red and white/gray patina of the wood gives it a farmhouse-y feel, which I love, and which goes with our Ikea Domsjo farmhouse sink.

We (and by we, I mean YC) notched out a tidy cutout for the outlet using a Dremel and jigsaw.

Reclaimed wood kitchen island
Reclaimed wood kitchen island

We tried to keep the rows fairly level, and the wood was pretty straight. But if you scrutinize between the rows, you can see little gaps here and there, but it adds to the overall character of the bar.
We tried to line up the butts between the wood with the studs, but there were a couple of places where that didn’t jive cosmetically, and YC obligingly shimmed another joint there so that we would have nicely spaced joints. šŸ™‚ We cut the boards to the sizes we wanted using the chop saw, and tacked them into place using a mail gun. Easy peasy.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Farmhouse Kitchen Island

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