Kitchen Update

A year later, and we finally have our first real before and after during. It may be only an area of 12′ by 3′, but it’s very nearly, so close, almost done. And it makes us feel as if we’ve actually accomplished something in the way of home reno over the course of a year.

Coop and Home, Kitchen After. Butcherblocks, subway tile, farmhouse sink.

Below was our kitchen last August. It was dark, dank, smelly, filthy, and gross. A combo of paneling and roach excrement.

Kitchen Before
Before. Notice the candles. Those are for the musty smell.
Kitchen Before
Another before.
Kitchen Before
Before. Goodbye wall. Goodbye door.

That wall on the left with the stove and refrigerator is no more, and has been replace by a peninsula, which lets in so much more light between the kitchen and dining/living. Plus, all of those smelly cabinets, the painted paneling, the leaky windows, the wonky lighting, and that door to the hallway at the far end of the kitchen are gone.

Our most recent project has been a subway tile backsplash, which was intimidating at first, but one of the more DIY-friendly projects we’ve done so far. The biggest help on this one was the laser level to line up the tiles, but a pencil line from a regular level would have done the trick too.

Use a laser level for extra straight subway tile backsplash.
Use a laser level for extra straight subway tile backsplash.

And (drum roll please)… here’s the (pretty much, almost) finished product:

Kitchen After, Farmhouse Sink, CoopandHome.comThere’s actually no grout between the tiles in these photos. After a week-long debate (white or gray, white or gray, white or gray), we decided to go with gray, so it looks pretty much the same. Also, you’ll notice there are no kitchen floors here. That’s painted concrete. Eventually, it will be grey slate tile, but one step at a time over here.

Kitchen After, Butcherblock Counters, CoopandHome Kitchen After, Subway Tile Backsplash, CoopandHomeWe went with Ikea for the cabinets, countertops, and farmhouse sink (swoon). We’ve been fairly pleased so far. The cabinets are really nice, and the door/drawer dampeners are awesome. We have some standard width countertops (pictured) and some wide (on the peninsula). The wide ones came out of the box bowed, which was frustrating, but they’re slowly flattening out. I treat them with mineral oil, which gives them a nice honey hue, but other than that, they’re not stained. We added cabinet pulls (online), the pendant lamp (Home Depot), subway tile backsplash (also Home Depot; Daltile 3×6″ subway), and stainless appliances (Lowes) to give it less of an Ikea-catalog-feel.

What do y’all think?


Updated with some new photos of the grout… still not sealed, but at least it’s in!

Polyblend Delorean grey tile grout
Polyblend Delorean grey tile grout

Coop and Home, Kitchen After. Butcherblocks, subway tile, farmhouse sink.

Still unfinished floors.
Still unfinished floors.

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