New Year

A very happy New Year to you. I’ve been thinking about this photograph for a couple of days now and finally rooted through my hundreds of house project photos until I found it. It’s New Year’s Day 2015 – 2 years ago this Sunday. We ate black eyed peas cold out of a can because we didn’t have a stove. Or a dishwasher. Or a kitchen sink. Or a microwave. Or a floor. But we did have a can opener. And two lavender tinted wine glasses. So it was cheap champagne and cold black eyed peas for dinner. We took a short break from installing cabinets and counter tops and sinks. And my, oh my, haven’t we learned a lot since then.

New Year’s 2015
The kitchen during the throws of renovation.

Sometimes it still feels like we have an incredible amount of work left to do on the house. And there is a bathroom to finish and a laundry room that needs flooring and bits of trim here and there to caulk and paint. The usual odds and ends. But one of the ticks I’ve learned about not becoming overwhelmed with renovations is to occasionally look back on the work that’s been accomplished.

The kitchen starting to come together



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