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DIY Landscaping: Before & After

About six weeks ago, every time I walked into the backyard, I heaved a little sigh of resignation and annoyance at the weeks, the clutter, the overgrown gardens, and the general disarray. Heck, two days ago, I walked out there and it was not exactly inspiring. But after a lot of hard work after school… Continue reading DIY Landscaping: Before & After

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Georgina Henrietta is laying again!

Well, after nearly two weeks without an egg (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s been Eloise laying all those other eggs), Georgina Henrietta is back to laying. Today was such a beautiful day, so after I finished a bit of puttering around in the garden – noted the new yellow blossoms on the spaghetti squash… Continue reading Georgina Henrietta is laying again!