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Lucille lays an egg (an Easter miracle)

This morning, we discovered Lucille’s first egg in her little pen at my parents’ house. But to understand the true specialness of Lucille’s first egg, we go back a few months to January. Lucille, a sweet little Buff Orpington (like my GH) came to live at my parents’ house as a baby chick with another… Continue reading Lucille lays an egg (an Easter miracle)

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When will my pullet (hen) lay her first egg?

I have one laying and one (I think) not laying hen. GH has been laying since December, and has produced probably over fifty eggs since then. ¬†Eloise (we don’t think) has laid a single one. Hens are supposed to start laying anytime around weeks 18-22 (about 5 months), but this isn’t a hard and fast… Continue reading When will my pullet (hen) lay her first egg?

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Omlet Chicken Fencing Review

The British company Omlet has some really clever (if not exorbitantly priced) items to make chicken-keeping, bee-keeping, rabbit-keeping, even hamster-keeping easier and more convenient. One of their products, the Omlet Chicken Fencing seems ideal. It is a series of tall stakes linked by netting material that you can move around your yard to control where… Continue reading Omlet Chicken Fencing Review