Springtime Garden Notes: Starting a Garden

We’ve got a whole new yard to work with this year for the garden. A roomy yard with a sunny corner, thanks to a large, recently felled tree branch. Despite the month, it feels like spring here – warmer weather and plenty of sunshine lately, with longer days and cool breezes. This morning we received… Continue reading Springtime Garden Notes: Starting a Garden



Some people shake their heads when I tell them my chickens have names, especially after the emotional loss of Georgina-Henrietta and Eloise. But today when I got home from work and school, a bit tired and more than a bit crotchety, three little chicks chirped, flew around their brooding box, and then happily danced under… Continue reading Names


Veggie Garden Ideas for Every Sized Yard

Let’s face it: not everyone has the space (much less the time) to devote to a Jeffersonian vegetable patch. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great veggie garden. Whether you’re using a simple raised bed, a few planters on your patio, or have an acre of neatly organized rows, here are some vegetable… Continue reading Veggie Garden Ideas for Every Sized Yard